Cassandra Williams

Ceramic Studio

Cassandra’s work involves a deep connection with the subject through ceramics, bronze casting, and acrylics.

This connection travels through the works, from the model in Life Drawing, the landscape painted plein- air on the cliffs of Albion in California and when moulds are made from the Pondo natives of the Transkei, South Africa.

The paintings exhibit a passion for colour, paint is applied with an immediacy, brushes and tools are loaded with several colours, there is no sketching the subject, allowing creativity to flourish in the moment.

Fabricated surfaces are made from fibreglass and industrial plaster, borne from an extensive background in ceramics, sculpture and painting.

Cassandra graduated from Prahran College of Advanced Education in Ceramics. Leaving Australia Cassandra traveled extensively for 6 years; from Overland adventures; living in the Transkei, South Africa for years to sailing the Oceans.
She settled in California with her family for 26 years.

Continuing Studies in Sculpture, Bronze Casting and Painting in San Francisco further inspires her present work.
Cassandra has participated in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in private collections in Australia, USA, South Africa and India.

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