Rebecca Garfield


“I am a drawer who primarily uses coloured pencils to create my art, but I enjoy experimenting with other mediums like water colour and acrylic paints, charcoal and grey lead pencil. Regardless of the subject matter, my drawings are generally very detailed, and pencil is layered to create depth of colour and texture."

The multiple layers of pencil give the art a very tactile nature that draws the observer in and aims to incite a physical response in the viewer, sensing the tactile quality of the animal or plant.

My muse is the beauty of our natural surroundings and its living inhabitants – be that animals, flora or the human form. My work strives to create a connectedness with our natural environment for the viewer when they are not in a natural environment. My pieces intend to calm, inspire and uplift the onlooker whether they are a child or an adult.”

Rebecca sells limited edition giclée prints (unframed and framed of her work) as well as exquisite greeting cards from the Showcase Studio opposite Priscilla Jones Café. The Showcase Studio is open to the public on Tuesdays, Fridays and every Farmers Market, so come in and say hello to Rebecca.

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