Creative Conversations


Creative Conversations are a networking opportunity between an established arts practitioner, and an emerging practitioner, to connect over shared interests and creative outlooks. These meetings are an opportunity to cater to curiosities and explore new ideas with another practitioner in our community. If you have a genuine interest in a creative practice than this is a great opportunity to meet with someone that works within that sphere and learn more. This project is a means to expand networks and facilitate engaging and robust conversations.


    About Creative Conversations

    There will be four cohorts selected for 2021 to participate in Creative Conversations. Applicants can apply to participate in any of the 4 terms throughout the year. Each term will sit within a specific theme.

    The theme for Term Two is: Visual Arts.

    Meet with one of the Gasworks Arts Park resident artists who work with practice ranging from sculpture to ceramics there is the full spectrum of artistic exploration. 

    How will it work?

    Creative Conversations will be hosted at Priscilla Jones Cafe where you will enjoy a delicious free lunch whilst meeting with your creative mentor. Your lunch will be organised by Gasworks Arts Park and will provide the perfect environment to meet and engage with another creative practitioner. 

    Who can be involved?

    Anyone with a genuine interest in the creative industries. The purpose of these lunches is to get people from all corners of the creative community together. Creative Conversations places no preference on those with a working background in their area of interest. Our focus is to support individuals with an active and evidenced interest in a creative practice.

    What are the benefits of participation?

    • Meet with a creative practitioner that has an established career and knowledge base in your area of interest
    • Creative Conversations is a development opportunity 
    • Creative Conversations is a unique and useful networking experience 
    • A delicious free lunch at Priscilla Jones Cafe 

    What is the cost?

    There is no cost associated with this program. If you are selected to participate Gasworks Arts Park will organise your lunch at Priscilla Jones Cafe and cover the costs too. 

    How to apply

    Whether you work in a creative field, or have a genuine interest in a particular area, we would love to hear from you. This project wants to cater to anyone and everyone that is interested in creative practice and is curious to explore that. Applications for each term open on the following dates:

    Term One: Applications are now closed

    Term Two: Applications are now closed

    Term Three: Monday May 31

    Term Four: Monday August 2

    Gasworks will contact you with the outcome of your application after the closing date.

    Click here for Creative Conversations FAQs.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Applications for Term 2 are now closed

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