Sounds on the Terrace

Sounds on the Terrace

Sounds on the Terrace is a series of free outdoor music concerts on the terrace of Gasworks Arts Park. Audiences will enjoy music, food and drinks every Friday night. Starting by December 2022, there will be an ongoing summer project. Musicians based in Melbourne will have the opportunity to highlight their music in a lovely environment with food trucks and drinks.

Planning offers diverse kinds of music for audiences from young musicians, DJs, singer-songwriters, acoustics, aboriginal musicians, etc. Furthermore, every Friday a different kind of food truck will deliver special and lovely meals for the public, making every Friday a new experience.


If you are a musician or you run a local food vendor or food truck business Gasworks Arts Park would love to hear from you!

Sounds on The Terrace, we will be opening our bar and outdoor terrace to the public every Friday night, providing live musicians and food vendors to set up in the park adjoining The Terrace bar to supply the catering direct to customers.

If you might be interested in taking part in one or more of the event dates, please get in touch with Sounds on the Terrace Event Manager, Anna Garcia Solana for more details via