The Adjacent Possibilities

- Exhibitions

By Ru Ying Cai and Clara Chan

Clara Chan and Ru Ying Cai are excited to present their latest art projects in a duo exhibition at Gasworks Arts Park.

The exhibition comments visually about the good, the bad and the in-between life experiences through the colour and form in Chan’s embroidery sculptures and Ying Cai’s photographic light box installations. They invite viewers to look through the surface, embrace different point of views and breathe empathy.

"The strange and beautiful truth about the adjacent possible is that its boundaries grow as you explore them. Each new combination opens up the possibility of other new combinations." (Johnson, Steven 2010)

Dr Ru Ying Cai is a psychology researcher who is curious about how emotions impact our psychological well-being. Her light installations investigate the embodiment and expression of trauma. Clara Chan’s embroidery sculptures are her response to the intensifying polarization across the globe. 

  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Monday 18 January - Sunday 14 February


    Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery
    Wheelchair Accessible
  • Credits
    Ru Ying Cai & Clara Chan