Autonomous Hilary Kirkland

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I do not feel that I am of this country, I'm not. I was born here; I was not welcomed to country.
But this land will always be my home, where I have my memories.  This is where my stories come from.
From a young age I can remember feeling a sense of injustice, loss and anger. I was unable to understand the trauma I was experiencing at that time. I couldn't understand or express emotions from events nor their effect on me. But I found solace in country places my family would regularly visit.
The Australian landscape also remembers and feels the pain of its own trauma. There is an abundance of stories from women describing exploitation and violence and the land feels this too.
In agriculture we don’t care enough about what naturally grows here. We poison the insects that are integral to our ecosystem, clear more land, toxify the soil and desecrate spiritual and ancient areas.
Between this land and the women who live here there is a shared experience of disrespect and oppression, violence and trauma. Power is gained by the coming together of women to share stories and strengthen the bond that develops when women and their allies work together.
We need to grow up as a nation and lose the macho attitude. Clear, rational and collective choice must be made with respect. Respect for first nations peoples, for nature and for women is what we demand.

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