BECOME A REGULAR HIRER with Gasworks Arts Park

Classes & Workshops

How to become a regular hirer 

The Gasworks Arts Park Studio features two Access Spaces, the Garden Studio and Art and Craft Room, available for hire by individuals, workplaces, businesses to facilitate workshops and classes. 

Activities best for these Access Spaces:

Painting - Printmaking - Life Drawing - Kids Workshops - Ceramics Workshops

Flower Workshops - Jewellery Making - Mothers Group - Reading Groups 

Art Therapy classes - Team Building Workshops - Performance - Rehearsal 

Auditions - Yoga - Breathwork - Exercise Classes 

  • Event Details

    Application process

    Fill in the following survey and provide as much information as possible. 

    Your submission will be assessed on:

    The suitability of your workshop and classes in our Access Spaces.

    Ability to fit in to our regular hirer calendar. 

    If you have more information you would like to submit or have any questions about applying, please contact the Administration Coordinator at

    Please allow two business days for a reply to your EOI submissions. 

    Garden Studio & Art & Craft Room
    Wheelchair Accessible