Bleeding Heart Radicals

- Exhibitions Midsumma Festival


Sebastian Passions is the creative moniker of Trevor Ball, a Kiwi bred, Melbourne based, collage artist. Sebastian came to life in 2019, after a period of crisis and chaos in Trevor's life. He found peace in the process ripping, tearing, and cutting paper and in the gluing, pasting and rearranging of images, creating a new expression of order from the chaos.  

Sebastian begins by creating an analogue collage (manual cut and paste), the completed work is then photographed and edited as a digital image. This is then printed using archival inkjet process. 

This exhibition is the collected works of Sebastian Passions, gathered over a three year period. Although each piece has its own narrative, there is an overarching theme on the iconography of the male form, and the fluidity of masculine identity. There is also underlying theme on cultural and social change through struggle and sacrifice. 


Opening function from Monday 23rd January, 5.45pm - Gasworks' Midsumma Launch, RSVPs essential

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