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- Performing Arts Fringe Festival

When a mother's love is not enough, she never quits attempting to dissolve her children's sibling rivalry.

Virginia suffers from cancer and dementia, requiring her two boys’ support. She unforgivingly clings to her sense of humour, her memories, and her way of life. Virginia's not giving up. She's a mother, a woman, and when she must be manipulative, calls upon her two boys, enforcing demands and obligations through guilt and fear.

Virginia, a Matriarch, a survivor of a harsh life, fought her way through tough times for herself and her boys. She dreamed of a life with a wealthy man to would take care of her every whim and care, but reality dealt a cold harsh blow.

Her two sons have no choice but to work together to sort out their mother's Final Will and Testament. Love is on trial.

About Cosmic Players

Darren Brealey's debut launch into writing and producing came in the guise of his first full-length play, The Meeting Place in the 1996 Melbourne Fringe Festival. New York Broadway choreographer Matt West was the sole financial supporter. The Meeting Place was a critical and public success with Ralph McLean, 3RRR radio station critiquing the play:
“The Meeting Place was a simple even old-fashioned story of family and loss. I rarely cry in the theatre - at least for emotional reasons - but there I was enjoying some new talent. And I was bawling, with the joy of it and of the magic of a good yarn well put, the tears running down my cheeks like a bloody baby.” The play was selected by the Board and Staff of the Melbourne Fringe and Awards Judges, awarding it a Special Recommendation Award.

Since the incredible success, Darren teamed up with friend, Actor, and Director, Elizabeth Way, working together as a strong creative team, producing multiple Fringe Festival shows in Melbourne.

The production, Three Shorts contained a crowd favourite, Champagne Ladies’ singled out for particular praise:
“With Three Shorts, Darren Brealey has written an eclectic mixture of observations that manage, somehow, to connect ... with the satirical ‘Champagne Ladies’ definitely my favourite” (Stage Whispers Magazine).

A winning combination of comedy and drama, Performing The Goat gained positive audience reaction and critical comments:
“Darren Brealey delivers four humorous and often terrifyingly accurate portrayals ... four short plays that capture colloquial Aussie stereotypes and presents them with hilarious accuracy” (Buzz Cuts).

Shattered Reflection, is confronting and controversial tackling the serious problem of white-collar addiction to alcohol and drugs. Zachary Lurje, Arts Journalist wrote:
“Writer, Darren Brealey, is to be commended for such well-drawn and developed characters. The strength of Shattered Reflection comes in these interesting characters that you can relate to”





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    Date & Times:
    Monday 16 October, 7:30 pm
    Tuesday 17 October, 7:30 pm
    Wednesday 18 October, 2:30 pm
    Wednesday 18 October, 7:30 pm
    Thursday 19 October, 2:30 pm
    Thursday 19 October, 7:30 pm

    Full Price: $40 
    Concession: $35 
    Group of 6+:
    ​​​​​Blax Tix: $35 
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    Running Time:
    75 mins
    Studio Theatre
    Suitable for 18+ years old
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Some Nudity, Strong Coarse Language, Violence, Emotional Abuse, Domestic Violence, Staged Violence, Misogyny, Sexual References, Use Of Replica Weapons, Elder Abuse, Homophobia, Adult Sibling Rivalry.
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    Elizabeth Way
    Cosmic Players