In Common One Fell Swoop Circus & Gasworks Arts Park

- Performing Arts Fringe Festival

In Common is a thrilling new work where an impossible, 8-metre tall sculpture is brought to life by 8 acrobats. Using techniques from circus apparatus such as Chinese pole, tightwire, slackrope, corde lisse and aerial straps, the ensemble performs feats of daring within the steel poles of the structure. Suitable for all ages and staged in an open-air environment, admission is free, but bookings are essential. Employing One Fell Swoop Circus’ signature heartfelt style, acrobatics and choreography convey a narrative about the care we owe each other in our community and the structures we build to sustain each other.

  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Friday 6 October, 6:00 pm
    Saturday 7 October, 2:00 pm
    Saturday 7 October, 6:00 pm
    Sunday 8 October, 2:00 pm
    Sunday 8 October, 6:00 pm

    Free Tickets

    Please return your tickets if you are unable to attend.

    Running Time:
    60 mins
    Gasworks Glade
    Wheelchair Accessible
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  • Credits
    Charice Rust, Jonathan Morgan, Easa Min-Swe, Claire Bindoff, Shona Morgan, Rachel Locks, Roya The Destroya and Sarah Gray