Humanity Unadorned

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Humanity Unadorned

by Chris Hutchinson

When we come into this world, we do so without the accoutrements and adornments that are part of the culture that surround us. We are considered beautiful.

As we grow, the culture of the community, in which we live, encases us. Our attitudes are formed by our perceptions of what we believe are the strong viewpoints, of what others in society believe, are the ‘right thing’.

We acquire adornments that protect us from heat and cold, for decoration and for modesty. We strut as a peacock to display our finery, to ‘make a good impression’. We seek admiration and respect from those around us (as they are wanting from us).

Everyone I know has a body, (let me think… I cannot think of anyone that doesn’t have one!). Everyone’s bodies are much the same, so what then inhibits our freedom to remove our adornments and reveal the beauty that we are born with? Our culture is informed by religious beliefs and perceived attitudes of others.

The shift in our culture is continually changing. No longer do we cover the curved legs of furniture so as not to cause offense, A hemline above the knee no longer causes outrage.

Beauty may be defined as the stimulation of one or more of the five senses and a memory of a lived experience. The smell of a rose and the light that dances upon it, the refrain of a song, the taste of chocolate, the touch of a baby’s skin: what reminds you of these experiences?

This exhibition does not seek to answer these questions but simply to fade the mask of adornment that hides the ethereal beauty that make us human and, with your imagination, may enlarge the pleasure of your visual experience.

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  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Tuesday 23 February - Sunday 21 March
    Artist in Residence on Saturday, Feb 27 from 2 to 4pm with food & bev available to purchase from the Gasworks Café


    Foyer Gallery
    All ages
    Wheelchair Accessible
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    Chris Hutchinson