Jewellery Making with Eran Naylor

Classes & Workshops

Eran Naylor, is an Australian goldsmith and designer originally from England, with over 25 years of experience. Eran is mainly self-taught and designs and hand-makes her collections from her workshops in Melbourne. She specializes in wax work and teaches classes. 

Eran draws inspiration from designs and patterns from the old Mesopotamian regions, India, and South America. Her fascination with Egyptology in her late twenties led to her love of adornment, and she strives to transfer the beauty of older times to bold, classic pieces that can be worn with ease today. Her creations embody a bohemian feel and look with a sense of calm that adorns the wearer.

Classes on offer: 

Beginners Wax Casting & Carving and Finishing Course

Come along and learn to carve rings from wax- yes wax! You will learn to carve basic rings in the first session under the guidance of your teacher and then take the ring to be cast. In the next session you will learn everything you need to know to finish off your ring and you get to wear it home and impress your friends. Beware.. you will get the making bug but don’t worry, we have plenty of more advanced courses to keep you busy. 

Direct Stone Setting into Wax - Make a Set of Stack Rings - Cabochon Bezels and Pendants  

  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Tuesday evenings
    One Sunday a month

    2 weeks. Tuesday evenings 6.30-9pm
    Courses start from $190, follow the links to purchase or book a gift voucher.



    Art & Craft Room (near the corner of Richardson and Pickles St)
    Min. 16 years
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Will need to bring any glasses needed and an apron
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