Meet me at the Ocean Veronique Derville, Mandi Oakes & Louise Richards-Green

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We are drawn to that place where the land meets the water. Where the coral lives beneath the surface and birds fly freely in the ocean skies.

Join three visual artists as they explore and celebrate the landscape and life forms sustained and defined by our vast and extraordinary oceans.


Veronique Derville: Nature and wildlife are my sources of inspiration. Through the process of creation, I trust my senses and my imagination takes the lead. I work with different materials: ceramics, felt, bird wire, paper and, whenever I can, pieces of driftwood or rocks. As an artist, I try to capture an ephemeral moment and share it with others.

Mandi Oakes: My work is currently inspired by space and freedom in nature. Each day I walk along the beach and watch the waves reject and reshape what they no longer need. This ebb and flow in nature is expressed in my sculptures with clay, as I observe the deflation point. Through play and recreating from memory - at what point does the clay allow me to rebuild and reshape, as nature does in the life cycle of all things?

Louise Richards-Green: I am inspired by nature and the natural environment, capturing the innate beauty and grace of living things and the impermanence of time. These works explore the relationship between representation and abstraction. Their scale and detail invite an intimate connection, where you can explore and discover layers and hidden images.

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    Date & Times:
    Tuesday 7th November - Sunday 27th November


    Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery
    All ages
    Wheelchair accessible