Metamorphoses Marina Mana

- Exhibitions

“I am an artist by education and vocation.

Felting has become one of my favourite techniques and I like creating new textures by blending wool and silk. Gradually, I am discovering more new possibilities and it amazes me that you can experiment endlessly with this material. I am proud to presents a new series of works under my trademark name of MARINA MANA.

These works were inspired by the late Swedish autumn. I loved those autumn days when the sky was grey and reflected in the ocean. When white, foamy waves rose upward, and the ocean roared and raged violently. When the birds fly trying to cope with the wind. When there is not a single soul, and you are alone with the raging ocean and its strength, power, and beauty.

And among this greyness, rosehip bushes, which are strewn with large berries, caught the eye. Rosehip grows along the Swedish coast and the red berries add even more beauty and harmony to this whole picture.

I believe that handmade products will never go out of fashion. In the creation of each product, the artist invests not only all their talent, creativity, and professionalism, but also a part of our soul. It is this deep personal investment that will always be in short supply and of high value.”

Marina Mana – Australia 2021