Place Makings

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Place Makings

by Rosalind Price

A satellite event in the Craft Contemporary Festival, Craft Victoria 

This is a mixed-media exhibition of crafted objects made in the City of Port Phillip during months of hunkering down and paying attention to what’s close at hand. Many of the pieces are fragile, impermanent. Time is an implicit theme of this work created during autumn and winter, seasons of change and the wait for new growth; Covid time, which slows us down, tests our resourcefulness, reveals our vulnerabilities. Change, loss and growth are features of this place, where urban development over a mere 185 years has transformed all that was here before. When new people make a place for themselves, what’s sacrificed, what’s gained?

The slow craft of basketry, stitching, dyeing and papermaking evinces the passage of time. It repurposes old technologies, requires hands-on engagement with materials, involves appropriation and transformation. What’s altered, what’s gained?

Rosalind Price is a city-based maker who craves connection with landscape and natural systems. A forager, fiddler, experimenter, she pursues a tactile, process-led practice, feeling her way towards new forms and ideas.

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    Date & Times:
    Tuesday 1 October - Saturday 31 October 2020


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    Rosalind Price