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Presented by Gasworks Arts Park and Statera Circus 

Once again we are teaming up with Gasworks Arts Park to bring you a new program facilitating the presentation of new works in progress, called Statera Sessions!

Come be a part of our interactive feedback giving audience next Thursday 15th April!
The event is FREE but places are limited so be sure you arrive early.

"But Karina", you ask. "What are Statera Sessions?"
- Monthly(ish) work in progress showings for artist by artist!
- Each month one artist or group will present a new piece, idea or creation that they are working on and then will receive useful feedback through a formalised feedback method which is moderated by us at Statera Circus!
- New artist or group for each month and always new act to be presented
- A super cool new place to meet other artists and nerd out about the process of creation!


We will be using a modified version of the DAS Arts feedback method to give structured feedback on Emily's work.
We will play, breathe and collaborate together to make this into a safe space for cross-pollination of artforms and the celebration of new works.

Come on down and share in the vulnerability of act/show creation and see what this method is all about! We know you'll love it as much we have!

If you want to present one of your ideas in future Statera Sessions you can email us

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  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Thursday 15 April, 3.30pm - 5pm

    Free, but capacity is limited so be sure to arrive early.

    Running Time:
    90 mins
    Gasworks Theatre
    All ages
    Wheelchair Accessible