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About Lucy

Lucy Rash is a renowned violinist, arranger/composer, multi-instrumentalist and artistic programmer whose work effortlessly traverses the spaces between the classical and contemporary music worlds. As a musician at her core and Masters-trained educator by passion, her arts practice utilises sound as a medium for exploring the sociology of what connects us: community, culture, emotion and the things that make us human. 

Cutting her teeth touring, performing and recording with acts including TANTRUMS (indie/electro), The Little Sisters (country/folk) and other projects from 2010 onwards, Lucy is a stalwart of the Australian music scene. In the role of Education Manager at Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO; 2016-2019), she led a wide range of collaborations spanning the organisation’s diverse work with Melbourne’s school, Deaf, Disabled and migrant communities. The culmination of this work was the centerpiece of MSO’s 2018 Education Week, Incongruous - a concert exploring the use of humor and narrative in music, co-produced with comedy trio, Tripod. Lucy also holds the position of Advisor Writer and Commissioner with Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Lucy’s string arrangements and performances have featured in the work of acts including The Smith Street Band, Jae Laffer (The Panics), Georgia Maq (Camp Cope) and Watty Thompson, and she has performed at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Hamer Hall, and other major venues around Australia. As both an instrumentalist and arranger/composer, Lucy affords her clients the ability to move effortlessly between all creative stages of a project: from conceptualisation and development, to arranging/composing, performance, and beyond.

Lucy is currently Resident Artist at Gasworks Arts Park (2021 - current) and is touring/performing/recording with her own project, Raging Hormones (with Nick Manuell, member of Bodyjar). 

About the studio

Workshops exploring themes of creating your own podcast, the basics of electronic synthesis, learning a stringed instrument, writing your very first song etc. are all themes I'll be exploring from my studio. For the most up-to-date information on offerings and to secure your spot when these are announced, please follow me on my socials.