Choosing the right venue for you

A comprehensive list of what's included when hiring a venue at Gasworks Arts Park

Choosing the right venue is a crucial step for any client and forms an important part of the quoting process. Melbourne is fortunate to offer a wide range of theatres available for hire, each with their own perks and appeal. We understand that choosing the right venue can be daunting, especially when what is on offer can vary greatly between venues.

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Your guide marketing your production at Gasworks Arts Park

Gasworks Arts Park Marketing Kit

A well prepared marketing plan can go a long way to achieving financial success for any production. This handbook has been created to offer advice to clients on ways to achieve a successful marketing plan, and also to clarify what Gasworks Arts Park will do in relation to marketing your  production.

A common misconception when hiring a venue is that the venue will take care of marketing your event. All you have to do is put it on and people will flock to it! Unfortunately this is very rarely (if ever!) the case. While Gasworks Arts Park will do marketing for you as outlined in this guide, you are responsible for your own marketing. You are the best person to sell your show - you know why it’s special, why you decided to stage it in the first place, and why people should come and see it.

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Artist Credit: Maxine Wild for Paint Out 2019