Gasworks Arts Park believes in mutually beneficial creative partnerships that provide healthy return on investment. A sponsorship of Gasworks supports a community of over 170,000 people who use our facilities annually through a diverse program of arts and community events. Gasworks makes sponsorships work for all parties through innovative, targeted and customised strategies.

Whether you’re seeking to attract new customers, enter a new market, launch a new product or service (or re-position an existing one), Gasworks will deliver a dynamic engagement channel for your brand.

Gasworks creates tailored sponsorship contracts with each partner, and benefits can include:

• positive brand reinforcement and positioning
• promotion at major festivals and events
• unique client and staff entertaining experiences
• access to a concentrated and affluent audience base
• acknowledgement in marketing and publicity campaign
• an articulated statement of your business’ contribution to the cultural heart of Melbourne

More Information

Irina Goundortseva
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator
t: (03) 8606 4208