Kiln Firing Service


You can fire your pottery and clay sculpture at Gasworks Arts Park using our publicly accessible kiln firing service. One of our experienced ceramic artists is available to advise you with your firing enquiries.

Kiln Firing Fees
$9.00 per Kilo (inc GST) – Minimum charge $9.00
Full Electric Kiln – $140 (inc GST) Bisque, Earthenware, Midfire or Stoneware

Schools once fired, no glaze 1100°C - $140

Kiln Dimensions (Internal)
Electric 56 x 56 x 56 cm

General Firings available
Bisque firing 960 – 1000°C (Cone 06)

Stoneware Glaze firing 1280°C (Cone 09)

Due to the size of the kiln the firing of them is dependent on how many requests we have for its use. In order to cover the costs of the firing we may have to charge you for a percentage of the kiln. The Kiln Co-Coordinator will discuss this with you before the firing.

More Information

The Ceramic Studio is open at the Gasworks Farmers Market from 10am to 1pm on the third Saturday of the month or by appointment.


Gasworks Arts Park (Pickles Street Entrance)


Cinda Manins
Ceramics Studio